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We Are
a Community
of Uplifters

We uplift each and every person for their unique contribution to humanity
—No One and Nothing Left Out.

Hands holding up the globe with little chairs scattered all around.
A woman is filled with joy while being lifted up in a chair.

What is uplifting?

Our mission was inspired by the celebratory centuries-old tradition of lifting someone up (in a chair) at milestone events. The joy expressed in the face of someone being lifted is reflected back in the whole community who is a part of this moment in time. The person being lifted is being seen, heard, and known for their unique contribution to the community, and to humanity. This acknowledgment is paramount in creating an authentically welcoming and inclusive community.

Our Programs:

Global Movement

Be an #Uplifter and join our global community of people who are committed to living the shared values of #UpInTheChair.
Also - Programs, Services, and Resources designed for K12 - College Campuses

Emerging Professionals/Mentorship Alliance logo.

business development and mentorship

Emerging Professional/Mentorship Alliance: For Visionary Entrepreneurs, Mission-Drive Organizations & Purpose-Driven interns.

Hear From Our Participants

Headshot of Deborah Woolf.
Manager of Order to Cash / Deborah Woolf | Order to Cash

Energetic and eager

Devora is one of the most creative, passionate and caring people I know. She is a great listener and is smart and thoughtful in her response. I’ve never worked with someone more energetic and eager to help you be successful in what you do!

Veronica H.

Touched by the gift

My name is Veronica, I ordered a delivery from “Up in the Chair” for a friend.  She was so touched by the gift as it was sent “just because.” I love that you don’t need a reason to be kind, “with up in the chair.” They have the platform to be sweet and kind when you feel like showing love, especially in such tough times today.  Thank you to the Up in the Chair team, for a job well done!!

Headshot of Nhurtruc Do.
J.D. Candidate at Southwestern Law School SCALE Accelerated Two-Year Program / Nhutruc Do

Well-organized, Open-Minded

As a CEO, Devora is so well-organized, open-minded, and truly strives to create a community and environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and included.

A woman who's smiling.
Ariel, Chicago, IL

Perfect Place To Go

Up In The Chair is a perfect place to go when you want to make any celebration or any milestone or any program more meaningful. Devora is able to hear what you want and bring it to the next level using her quick wit, creativity, thoughtfulness, and extensive experience. She listens to who you are and what your want to create and then helps you attain these goals and even beyond. She turns the ordinary into something extraordinary for you and for your family members and friends.

Headshot of Marina G.
Student @ University of Illinois at Springfield '22 / Marina G.

Endless Opportunities

I entered a whole new world of endless opportunities compared to any traditional internships

Headshot of Julianna Muthu.
Julianna Muthu
Coach, Teacher, Ordained Priestess, Spirit Empowered Council at Julianna Muthu / Reclaim Your Center

Creating the world many of us dream about…

The EMA program offers visionary leaders a platform for connecting with these emerging professionals and sharing their wisdom; it is a place to unite the generations. EMA is creating the world many of us dream about where the whole person is centered in the work experience; where what matters is known in the heart, called forth and listened to welcomed as a contribution to the whole.

Photo of Wolfe Glass.
Multilingual Singer/Songwriter / Wolfe Glass

Selfless Inspiration

Devora is a selfless inspiration for the community of impactors in the world. She has proven to be very resourceful and has been very supportive in sharing my talent to the world. I highly recommend her for any endeavor.

T. Worsdale

Brought me to tears

I received a package recently from a friend that purchased a unique item for me. The items came from the company called, Up in the Chair. When I opened the package it brought me to tears because it was a difficult time.  It uplifted me. It was the perfect time.  In the package was a mug that had a beautiful saying on it along with a lot of extra surprises.  Thank you for making that day special for me.

Headshot of Sharon Fant.
Sharon Fant
CEO at The Better Body Source | Registered Nurse | Holistic & Natural Health Advocate | Diabetes Consultant | Author | Social Entrepreneur / The Better Body Source

Optimistic and Dedicated

If you are looking for someone that is optimistic and dedicated to bringing your vision to life, then Devora and the EMA team are for you! EMA provides the important elements that are necessary for a scaling company with creativity, attention to detail strong communication and organization.

Headshot of Caryn Warren.

Now that I have 8 interns, we’re accomplishing things like crazy.

I felt like nobody could do a better job than me and I needed to do it all myself. But that's crazy. You can't do everything. Once I learned how to attract the right help from those who loved my vision and had the skill set to implement my vision, I was taught how to delegate-- which I didn't know how to do either. Once I got that down, it didn't take long. I saw the talent and enthusiasm these college students had and that I could nurture... I mean, they're so excited to help. It's like the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Headshot of Nanci Lublin-Good.
Nanci Lublin-Good

Spend my time doing what I love to do

I was able to spend my time doing what I love to do and in my area of expertise and turn over all the other "stuff" to an intern who loved what they got to work on.

Cheerful woman walking at a park.
Melissa, Chevy Chase, MD

Creative & Fun

When planning a Jewish lifecycle event, I can think of no one more creative and fun to work with. I have been to multiple events that Devora has designed. She is especially attuned to the unique make-up of a family and the person being honored, and she organically builds the milestone around that. You might know that you want your occasion to have a particular feel, but she will bring it to fruition from beginning to end. As soon as you share your desires, her creativity kicks into gear, and together you generate a vision that everyone will remember.

Images of a cheerful senior man, smiling.
Ronnie, Tucson, AZ

Most Meaningful Moment

Think about the most meaningful moment at any event you have ever attended… Up In The Chair will guide you in bringing those moments to life.

Ashlan H.

Smile On My Face

Receiving the Uplifter box immediately put a smile on my face. The packaging is beautiful and everything inside is usable. I use the mug every morning and it puts me on the right track for an amazing day! I highly recommend buying this box for yourself or as a gift for someone else, whoever receives it will definitely feel uplifted.

Portrait of Tammy Benay Perry.
Tammy Benay Perry

Get more done in 3 days…

With the "Grow Your Business-Leave A Legacy" program, I was able to get more done in 3 days than I had in 3 months with EMA

Headshot of Shane Shaps.
Shane Shaps
Professional Big Mouth | Outsourced Social Media Engagement | Consultation | Strategy | 4'8" of Bottled Energy / 520 East Brands

Creative people

Devora is one of the most creative people I've gotten to meet. She's taken an idea others may have floating around and made it a concrete business.

Headshot of Su Yeon Kim
Graduate of University of Alabama / Su Yeon Kim

Inspired By A Team

It’s not just about the work. It’s about being inspired by a team and having a creative outlet to showcase what I can offer