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Campus Ambassador Program

About Us

Each & Every is a Global Movement Uplifting Each and Every Person for their Unique Contribution to Humanity. 

We believe that everyone deserves to be seen, known, heard, and celebrated for the positive difference they make in their community, organizations, and relationships.

Logo of the Campus Ambassador Program.

The Campus Ambassador Program brings the Each & Every message to college students across the globe for the purpose of creating a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment.

Through educational, experiential, and inspirational programs and services, we are shifting the paradigm of what it means to be an Uplifter.


how it works

  • Sign Up & Pay to create your club, it can be part of an already existing club or group
  • Campus Ambassador receives facilitator guide, resources and materials for events and projects.
  • Website offers additional resources throughout the year
    Support from Each & Every staff

the program

group of college students standing and sitting in a circle talking to each other


variety of foods and drinks at a potluck. visual of hands holding glasses and toasting each other


college student volunteers picking up litter in a park. students all wearing blue t-shirts and white baseball caps.