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About Up In The Chair

A collage of Up In The Chair's Mentorship Collective.

From coast to coast, from the mountains to the seas, from the rainforests to the deserts, we are a global community of Uplifters who are committed to a world that works for everyone.

Up In The Chair strives to create authentically welcoming spaces with a foundation of intentional inclusivity. Through our various offerings, we are shifting the paradigm of what it means to be part of collaborative spaces where each person is celebrated for their unique contribution.

Our Mission and Core Values

  • We believe that when one person is lifted, everyone is lifted.
  • We believe that everyone has something about them to be celebrated.
  • We believe in the idea that no one and nothing needs to be left out.
  • We believe that the experience of being lifted #upinthechair knows no race, religion, gender, differing ability, economic bracket, etc.

Each leg of the chair contributes to the quality and integrity of the whole

"When one person is uplifted, it is as if the entire world has been uplifted."

Our Uplifting Team

Headshot of Devora Yellin Fish.

Devora Yellin Fish

Founder and Chief Uplifter

Hi. I’m Devora. I am an experiential educator and changemaker with the goal to increase joy and inclusion in the world. Most of my days are spent guiding Emerging Professionals and Visionary Leaders toward their purpose. You can find me uplifting those around me by creating authentically welcoming and intentionally inclusive spaces. Otherwise, I am putting my random thoughts into creative outlets, road-tripping to National Parks, and performing Muppet shows.

Headshot of Gayle Goldner.

Gayle Goldner

Chief Operations and Director of Event Inclusion

With over thirty years of experience, I have planned meetings and conferences worldwide. For the past five years, leading my own consulting firm, I’ve assisted a plethora of clients with research, project and time management and operations. Recognized as a master networker, if I don't have the skills to do something, you can bet I know someone who does. My inner circle affectionately refers to me as "Chief Nudge". When not connecting with people, I enjoy crafting, traveling, or binging the latest show.

Purpose-Driven Interns

Get To Know A Few of the Current Uplifting Emerging Professionals

Students from coast to coast contribute their unique skills in the areas of media, marketing, design, and more.

Intern Testimonials

Headshot of Sandra M.
Graphic Designer | Digital Marketing Intern / Sandra Mustopa

Genuine & Kind

It was a pleasure to work under Devora, the CEO of Up In The Chair. Devora is a genuine and kind human who helped me grow as an intern. She is a broad-minded CEO who strives to create an inclusive environment where every individual is included. During my time as an intern at Devora's company, Devora has given me tremendous support and has constantly checked on my well-being. In addition, Devora always responds to every question and query calmly and thoughtfully. Later, she even followed up to make sure there was no confusion regarding my assigned tasks. Her patience and willingness motivate me to give my best. I am ultimately lucky that I had the chance to work under Devora.

Headshot of Lailah Watts.
Consultant | Online Digital Media Team | Tiktok Consultant / Lailah Watts

Welcomed & Encouraged

I have had the pleasure of working under Devora at UpInTheChair as well as receiving mentorship from her. She completely embodies the UPTC message and her WHY to contribute and help other people is completely transparent and clear. She has a gift to listen to people and give an open floor to whomever she is talking to. People feel welcomed and encouraged to speak up and thrive in this type of environment. Thank you for all that you have done and the opportunity to be a part of the UPTC journey.

Headshot of Nina Brossa.
Aspiring School | Mental Health Counselor / Nina Brossa

Valuable Interpersonal & Technical Skills

Working with Devora is an experience I will never forget. She is an excellent mentor, making sure I met my goals and offering me advice while being constructive, kind, and positive in doing so. Her ability to bring her passion to every meeting and to live in the moment is truly special. The EMA program is not just talk; I truly learned valuable interpersonal and technical skills, while also feeling seen, heard, and accepted. Thank you for the opportunity, Devora!

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