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Programs for Entrepreneurs / Small Businesses

Welcome to EMA (The Emerging Professional Mentorship Alliance℠)

A Business Mentorship Experience for Mission-Driven Organizations

The goals of EMA for Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses are to:

  • Elevate your business with fresh ideas and eager emerging professionals.
  • Provide mutual benefits through the cultivation of professional development for those building their career paths.


We do this by providing you with a comprehensive methodology to obtain, train, educate, mentor, and leverage the incredible knowledge and resources of underrepresented emerging professionals who are eager to put their skills to work in a real-world setting.


A man is sitting in front of an computer while in a online meeting.

With EMA for Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses, You Will:

  • Save thousands of dollars a year as you build your inclusive company culture.
  • Get specific on the scope of major projects and create actionable deadlines.
  • Gain the motivation and momentum you need to have your business gain traction.
  • Establish your business as a world-class internship spot for up-and-coming underrepresented talent.
  • Infuse, fresh young energy into your work.
  • Experience personal satisfaction as a mentor to the next generation of leaders. (Click here to listen and learn more about being a mentor to work with interns.)

Choose Your Program

EMA Online

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur who already has some experience with interns or working with college-age students?

Are you a mentor at heart?

Do you have 10 hours a week to devote to this process?

If so, this is a great place for you to start!

EMA Cohort for Visionary Leaders

This 6-month course begins with a preliminary workbook to examine and determine the goals you have for your small business or entrepreneurial start-up.

You will schedule a 1 hr clarity and purpose meeting with Devora, CEO of Up In The Chair, to review your goals prior to the 1st group session.

All participating Visionary Leaders will then gather as a cohort for a 3-session intensive to build your entire internship program.

There will be a weekly cohort meeting for the duration of the program.

Testimonials from our Mission-Driven Organizations

Headshot of Julianna Muthu.

Creating the world many of us dream about…

The EMA program offers visionary leaders a platform for connecting with these emerging professionals and sharing their wisdom; it is a place to unite the generations. EMA is creating the world many of us dream about where the whole person is centered in the work experience; where what matters is known in the heart, called forth and listened to welcomed as a contribution to the whole.

Julianna Muthu
Coach, Teacher, Ordained Priestess, Spirit Empowered Council at Julianna Muthu / Reclaim Your Center
Headshot of Sharon Fant.

Optimistic and Dedicated

If you are looking for someone that is optimistic and dedicated to bringing your vision to life, then Devora and the EMA team are for you! EMA provides the important elements that are necessary for a scaling company with creativity, attention to detail strong communication and organization.

Sharon Fant
CEO at The Better Body Source | Registered Nurse | Holistic & Natural Health Advocate | Diabetes Consultant | Author | Social Entrepreneur / The Better Body Source
Portrait of Tammy Benay Perry.

Get more done in 3 days…

With the "Grow Your Business-Leave A Legacy" program, I was able to get more done in 3 days than I had in 3 months with EMA

Tammy Benay Perry
Headshot of Nanci Lublin-Good.

Spend my time doing what I love to do

I was able to spend my time doing what I love to do and in my area of expertise and turn over all the other "stuff" to an intern who loved what they got to work on.

Nanci Lublin-Good
Headshot of Shane Shaps.

Creative people

Devora is one of the most creative people I've gotten to meet. She's taken an idea others may have floating around and made it a concrete business.

Shane Shaps
Professional Big Mouth | Outsourced Social Media Engagement | Consultation | Strategy | 4'8" of Bottled Energy / 520 East Brands

Grow Your Business and Leave A Legacy!

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