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Why does the E&E mission matter to you?

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Up In the Chair’s mission is to celebrate every person’s contribution to humanity and to have no one be left behind. This includes celebrating everyone’s big and small accomplishments, even if they themselves may not see it as an accomplishment, making sure that everyone knows that they are being seen and appreciated, and not discriminating toward others.

As an Asian American, there are many expectations and discriminations that go along with it. Growing up, I was expected to be above average when it came to school, mainly in mathematics and science, and that the only career options I really had that would satisfy my parents would either be a doctor, dentist, or lawyer. Now, although I am really good at mathematics, proficient in science, and I truly want to be a lawyer, having cousins who do not particularly fit that “boxed” expectation has made me learn that we need to celebrate everyone’s big and small accomplishments.

One of my cousins is not as good in mathematics as I am, but she is by far better in English and other Humanities/Social Sciences courses than I am. My other cousin has decided that she wants to have a career in international business because she knows that she cannot handle the long and tough schoolwork that involves being a doctor, dentist, or lawyer. Both of my cousins have shown me that although their accomplishments may not be the stereotypical Asian accomplishments, they are nonetheless accomplishments and should be celebrated no matter what. Being discriminated against or made fun of based on how you look, what you eat, how you speak, etc. are things that almost every Asian American grows up experiencing.

Although I may not have had to really go through this experience, seeing others who are similar to me go through it made me question why this is happening. Why are people being judged and not included based on things they may not be able to control? Why are people not being celebrated for being different and unique? These are reasons as to why I believe that the Up In The Chair mission matters. People should be celebrated for being themselves and for accomplishing big and small things. Everyone who wants to be included should be allowed to be included and not be discriminated against based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.