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Why does the UPTC mission matter to you?

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I am an Emerging Professional participating in the Internship/Mentorship program at Up In The Chair.
Up In The Chair’s global mission and vision is what attract me to join the program because they also support the employees’ health and well-being. They want to make sure that we are comfortable with our tasks, and the people that I work with see them as my brothers and sisters.

We are a tight-knit community and working with them is creating a bond that can last a lifetime and that it will never be broken. Human Connections with the people that I work with at UPTC are important because we get to share stories with people from different backgrounds and that we get to share and exchange ideas with them. I feel like I have known them for a lifetime. I am excited to explore, learn, and grow with a company like UPTC. The mission and vision are not just good ideas, they are alive and real.