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Why does the UPTC mission matter to you?

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I have always loved thinking of the dynamic between people of different origins, races, genders, etc., and how different we all are. Though many of our characteristics define us, I believe that we all share certain attributes that connect us. The desire to learn, to be appreciated, and to spark joy and hope both within ourselves and in the lives of others are among these, which I would use to characterize myself and the mission of Up in the Chair.

As a first-generation student in college, just getting to this point in my life has brought on several challenges. These challenges have been manageable due to the support of my family, advisors, and mentors. It is for this reason that I have continually tried to demonstrate the same support to others that I have met who have also needed the same type of support that I once received.

The global mission and vision of Up in The Chair drive these values and create a social and intersectional platform to exhibit our passion and beliefs towards uplifting people while also enriching our professional lives. The thread of justice towards honoring each person’s experiences and dignifying each other’s special contributions to humanity unites us in always putting our best effort towards enhancing the missions and values of Up in The Chair.

I am truly honored to be a part of this company and am excited to witness the great reach that it will continue to have in the future.