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Why does the Each & Every mission matter to you?

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Up In The Chair’s values and global mission is what really drew me into the organization. Promoting an environment revolving around empathy, inclusivity, and transparency is a recipe for success. Oftentimes, not enough of these traits are practiced within work, relationships, and even family – which typically leads to miscommunication. UPTC wants to break this stigma by creating a workplace that considers human emotion and human connection as part of the position itself. Creating and having balance, like many others, is an integral part of my personality. Understanding and validating another person’s emotions is something I try to practice in my everyday life; I believe that this practice is the core of human connection. UPTC has set itself apart from most companies by being able to offer multiple roles for experience. Being challenged and pushed from your comfort zone is what leads to growth, and I am excited to see what challenges lie ahead for myself and the team.