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By Manavi Chandra

During times like this, when the pandemic, virtual world, and current events can be
overwhelming, being vulnerable can be hard.

We are vulnerable when we are outside our comfort zones. Starting something new and not being sure how to overcome it can ignite feelings of confusion and vulnerability. Starting a new job, managing relationships, or even telling someone how you want to express yourself can put you in a vulnerable place.

There is an article about a man who was vulnerable with his best friend and told him that he was gay. He was afraid that his friend would reject him and was expecting the worst. His friend’s response truly surprised him, and it was the best he could’ve asked for. He said, “That’s OK. You’re still my best friend. I still love you.”

Vulnerability doesn’t have to be feared. This is just one of the many examples of the power of
vulnerability. It means you are courageous and brave. It allows you to connect with others that feel the same way you do.
We need to take time to understand ourselves and others. We must hold the chair to listen and lift each other up for being vulnerable during hard times.