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There’s A Way

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By Manavi Chandra

How this poem uplifted me: This poem reminds me to never give in to
discouragement and other deadly things people may say. People who feel
threatened by you and your selfhood feel bad about themselves and end up
projecting onto others.

How this poem uplifts others: Similarly, I hope this poem reminds all to never
give in and to keep doing what you are doing.

There’s a Way
By Manavi Chandra

They said I couldn’t do it.
I wasn’t capable or fit. 
That I was a failure, 
and they were the cure. 

I knew deep inside
all they wanted was to hide. 
Use me as a shield,
and tell everyone to yield. 
Protect their face,
I don’t like bad taste! 

Heard their idiot laughs and grins,
As if all my ideas were shit. 
Overrode my work
floating like the town bitch. 
Defamed me out of their own glee.
Their fools agree, 
And never side with me. 

If I was such a failure,
Why did they copy me? 
If I wasn’t fit,
why compete with me? 
If I was so bad,
Why talk to me? 

They wanted to push me down,
Eliminate the competition. 
But I got up. 
They pushed me down again, 
And again, 
And again,
And again. 

My nose bled,
Heart torn to shreds,
Never thought it would be sunny again. 
Yet here I stand,
Determination on my face,
Standing so tall
Knowing there’s a way. 

They misguided me,
Demotivated me,
Bullied me,
So I would never get back up.