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The Great Springs of Nellie

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By Manavi Chandra

How this poem uplifted me: Now that spring has sprung, it’s a good time to
remember that you can always start on the things you have dreamed of
doing. This poem uplifted me for embarking on new journeys and reviving
old interests.

How this poem uplifts others: I hope this poem inspires others to start the
things they’ve always wanted to do. No matter what past struggles you have
been through, there will always be a turning point, a new beginning of

Great Springs of Nellie
By Manavi Chandra

Days delight,
Birds sing,
Flowers spring,
Grasses green.

Nellie’s growing,
Nature’s surviving.
May we all restart,
like bees all buzzing. 

Things we want to do,
But never could,
Because of the rain,
The past winter of.

May we bloom,
Into who we’re meant to be. 
Above nasty weeds,
and clouds between. 

The fairies prance,
The holes are dug.
The darkness goes,
And sunlight comes.