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The Elephant and the Ant

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By Manavi Chandra

How this poem uplifts me: When getting bullied it often feels so lonely.
People who we may expect to fight for us never do. However, we will always
have some type of community, and this community can be found in the most
unlikely of places.

How this poem uplifts others: I think it’s always the case when we see other
people who we perceive to look or act better than us. We wish we have
certain qualities they have. However, the best thing we can do is uplift
ourselves and love ourselves for the qualities we have. We never know what
people we may be envious of be struggling with. When we put aside our
differences, we see that we have the same struggles, and can uplift each
other through them.

The Elephant and The Ant
By Manavi Chandra

An elephant and an ant walked one day,
To the Old Gift Shoppe. 
Ant wore his best pants and collar,
Elephant’s stomach roared for fodder. 

Ant watched with horror
As Elephant’s foot came down. 
Ant ran towards a hole in the wall,
Making not a sound. 

So rude! Ant thought as Elephant struggled forward. 
What does he struggle with that’s making him walk like that? 
“Excuse me, miss,” the elephant breathed out,
“I would like some pasta and a rat.” 

Ant came out and crawled towards it,
Wishing he was taller and bigger. 
Then he wouldn’t worry about cruel foot stompers. 

“Get out of my way,” Ant screeched. 
Elephant fell through the food desk,
Munching on a donut through the mess. 
The ant looked out the window. 
Smiling elephants with lips pressed.  

Angered, the ant sped on outside. 
“How dare you steal the food of your pride?” 
One elephant responded, “Shut up, little ant.” 
“Can you see beyond this mint in my hand? You can’t!” 

The ant hurried inside to the elephant, looking like he was dead.
“Elephant? I’m sorry, I didn’t know what happened!” 
The elephant woke up to a little knawing near his mouth. 
“It’s okay, little ant, things often go south.”  

The ant and the elephant gazed at each other.
the ant motivated the elephant up. 
They walked towards the door, together,
Ant sitting on the elephant’s trunk.