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Uplifting Merch

Handmade Stickers, Magnets, cards, apparel, jewelry, books, Art, other, sale, activities

We are an intentionally eco-minded and DEI shop. All proceeds either directly support Inclusion programs provided by Up In The Chair and/or Small Marginalized Business Owners.

The Uplifters Outlet is more than just a retail store. Our “Uplifting Merch” is literally that. It’s purpose-driven shopping that impacts you and your entire community. Every handmade and hand-selected item sold helps fund our open art studios, inclusive education, and furthers our mission of uplifting each and every.

Visit our partner provider store at PackElephant or Bonfire

Uplifter In A Box

Celebrate Inclusion with products curated specifically to acknowledge the Uplifters in your life or those who may need to be Uplifted. 

Please email [email protected] if you would like to check out with multiple boxes in one order!

Who Will You Uplift Today?