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Programs for Organizations, B-Corps & Non Profits

A Business Mentorship Experience for Mission-Driven Organizations

We are dedicated to Mission-Driven entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations striving for positive societal change. On the other side, we support Purpose-Driven emerging professionals, especially from underrepresented backgrounds, who are ready to embark on their career journey. We create a bridge between the two, fostering mutual growth and success.

Our Solution: Mentorship-Focused Internships! Our program is a beacon of opportunity. For companies committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we offer comprehensive training and mentorship, transforming interns into assets. This isn't just about fulfilling intern roles – it's about fostering future leaders, creating jobs, and propelling companies to new heights.



Your organization has a commitment to being inclusive.  Benefit corporations must meet requirements of impact in multiple areas for positive change. Nonprofits are on a mission to make positive change. The EMA program provides the resources to fulfill these goals.

Social Impact

Whether you identify as a Benefit Corporation or a Mission-Driven Company, you care about the impact your work has on individuals and communities. EMA has the methodology to ensure you are successful.

Environmental Impact

Sustainability for humanity and the environment is part of your values.  Companies that care about their global impact must have sustainable production and practices. EMA works with you to create sound and reliable practices.

With EMA for Organizations You Will:

  • Fulfill several of the UN Sustainability Goals for 2030 and B-Corp requirements of impact in multiple areas for positive change.
  • Increase your overall social impact 
  • Save thousands of dollars a year as you build your inclusive company culture.
  • Establish your business as a world-class internship spot for up-and-coming underrepresented talent.
  • Infuse, fresh young energy into your work.
  • Experience personal satisfaction as a mentor to the next generation of leaders.


Up to 2 people from your company participates in a 6-month cohort training program alongside other company representatives.

Primary course includes:

  • Preliminary goal setting workbook
  • 1 hr coaching clarity and purpose meeting
  • A 2-day comprehensive workshop
  • A 90-minute monthly cohort meeting
  • Open office hours
  • Private LinkedIn group for peer support and networking


Up to 10 people from your company participates in our cohort training program (limited to 5 companies).

Advanced course +primary:

  • A 3rd day of small group training for your individual company
  • Individual company weekly coaching
  • 6 month free membership to the private EMA community for resources, webinars, and networking events


We work with your company and team over the course of 1 academic year to design a unique world-class internship/mentorship program.

Expert course +Primary and Advanced:

  • Comprehensive workshops tailored to your company's mission and vision
  • Training for your leadership teams in every area of mentorship
  • Personalized professional development for each cohort of interns
  • Strategy and project planning support
  • 1 year free membership

"We are now walking the talk by paying it forward to prepare future thought leaders in creating socially and environmentally responsible companies."

Headshot of Caryn Warren.

Now that I have 8 interns, we’re accomplishing things like crazy.

I felt like nobody could do a better job than me and I needed to do it all myself. But that's crazy. You can't do everything. Once I learned how to attract the right help from those who loved my vision and had the skill set to implement my vision, I was taught how to delegate-- which I didn't know how to do either. Once I got that down, it didn't take long. I saw the talent and enthusiasm these college students had and that I could nurture... I mean, they're so excited to help. It's like the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Caryn Warren