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How is the actual internship program designed?

Summer and Winter internships are 30 hours per week. The Fall and Spring semester internships are 15 hours per week. The program is intended to correspond to the college academic calendar.

Mentorship meetings and weekly educational professional development sessions are included within the program.

The program is fully remote.

Academic credit is available and encouraged based on each school’s policies.

There is no compensation, salary, payment, or other remuneration for work conducted as part of this internship. Interns are not entitled to a paid job at the conclusion of the internship. We do, however, provide enormous value. Keep reading.

Through our professional development series Interns develop and work on skills in:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Creation
  • Paid Advertisement (Facebook, Instagram & Google)
  • Email Marketing and Campaigns
  • Blog Writing
  • Business Development, Lead Generation, and Sales
  • Website Design (WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix)
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Specific Software Knowledge
  • Time Management Skills and More!

*We comply with (and go above and beyond) all of the Fair Labor Laws. For details please read the linked document. Fair Labor Laws / Internships

Do I have to find the interns myself?

It depends on your unique needs. We can teach you exactly how to locate excellent candidates based on your individual needs, how to schedule and execute powerful interviews, and how to onboard your cohort with all of the important documentation. We also have a pool of interns that you can pick from, and if they are a good fit, we will direct them to your company.

How much time will I spend on this program?

If you are starting a business and you want to build a company and a legacy, be prepared to do the work. However, EMA gives you every tool you need to create, develop, and maintain the process for obtaining, training, mentoring, and replacing interns in a DIY format (we promise it is wayyyyy easier than an IKEA manual). After you do two or three rounds of internship cohorts, there will be an ease to the process.

We also offer Done-Alongside-You and Done-For-You models.

Where do these interns come from and how will I find them?

There are thousands of colleges, community colleges, international programs, and tech programs that have students looking to gain experience. EMA knows exactly how to locate the right type of intern, how to reach them, and how to ensure that they are a good fit for you and your growing company.

What will the interns do?

Interns may perform any task that is aligned with their learning objective. Areas our interns have contributed include and are not limited to:

Branding, Research, Social Media, Data Analytics, Copywriting, PR, Film and podcast editing, Human Resources, and Systems of Operations.

Interns work remotely on a wide range of tasks to help grow your business in operations, marketing, business development, and data analysis.

Why would a college student work for free?

They don’t. Interns are priceless resources and deserve to be treated as such. There should be a fair trade-off between you and your interns, and to ensure this, think about their needs.

They want to develop professional skills and increase their awareness of possible career interests. They may get academic credit for doing an internship. They may want to upgrade their resume and get good work references.

You will be investing your lifetime of knowledge, network, and mentorship in each emerging professional. Therefore, this program has an immense VALUE for an intern in providing them with the tools for success and giving them a safe and supportive space to try and try again. The EMA℠ program also provides continuing professional development at no cost to the intern.

We comply with all of the Fair Labor Laws. For details please read the linked document. Fair Labor Laws / Internships

Am I obligated to hire interns once they complete the internship?

An unpaid internship does not guarantee continued employment with the company.

We comply with all of the Fair Labor Laws. For details please read the linked document. Fair Labor Laws / Internships

Am I responsible for mentoring the intern myself?

You or your specified designee will provide weekly mentorship to the intern. You must be able to state to your intern the objective of the mentoring. For example, “You will shadow Jennifer, Marketing Manager, who will help you develop skills in x, y, z.”

How will the intern show that they have learned new skills?

EMA requires the intern to complete a final project demonstrating the new skills that they’ve learned and write a reflection on what they accomplished and how they grew in areas of knowledge and professional development as a result of their work. We also have created a weekly reflection form for this purpose.

How often is the intern required to meet with their mentor?

We require a weekly meeting. These meetings are designed with the intern in mind to support their personal growth and development. Meetings will be a minimum of 30 minutes but can be extended if you see fit.

Still have some questions? Let’s get in contact and talk about it!