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Oh, It’s Time To Start Living!

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Who Do You Want To Celebrate?

Why do we wait for HUGE milestones to acknowledge our own success or someone else’s? Who decided when a lifecycle event “should” occur? I suppose I have always been interested in big and random existential questions, but I have to say that while contemplating these deep thoughts (2 inches deep), I have had some of my most inspired ideas.

We have all probably hosted or attended some big fancy shmancy, cool and collected, or even some down and dirty gatherings. Take a moment and recall one or two of them… What do you remember about it? Can you think of any moments that stood out to you? How about the emotions you experienced? Did you walk away from this moment in time inspired in some way?

There are many things that can set the tone for an event – things like decor, music, food, etc. These are all accessories that an event planner can help you decide on and they are important to set the general mood. But what about the heart centered stuff that is the actual reason everyone has come together at this exact time? It is very common to just stick with the normal checklist and even avoid putting attention on the depth and meaning of an occasion. The idea of a “once-in-a-lifetime” moment can be daunting. AND – there is nothing more precious than honoring this time by extending yourself fully, with all of your desires, wisdom, and self-expression.

Event planners, entertainers, clergy and other service providers will make sure that things go smoothly. I am here to help you discover the full potential of what this day means to you. Don’t wait to start living life fully. The time is now.

“My Dad’s law firm was planning to do a little retirement party for him after over 55 years of his leadership. They said they were going to have some cake and a. few people would make speeches. 55 years seems like it deserved more than cake and a few parting words. I asked the law firm partners to reach out to Devora for a more engaging and meaningful event… Let’s just say that it turned into a 3 tissue event where everyone left completely re-invigorated as to why they chose the law in the first place.” – Melanie