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In preparing to make the transition from being a full-time university student to immersing myself in a career, I, like many others, found myself in need of an internship. So, I journeyed down the familiar process: setting up excel sheets worth of applications, scheduling meeting after meeting, and feeling desensitized to the process. However, in my search, I was fortunate to come across an application that introduced me to Up In The Chair. Immediately after the first interview, I felt a difference from all the other prospects I was considering. This was incredibly comforting. In my job search, I was so afraid of getting caught in a place with a toxic environment, with unfulfilling menial tasks, or being trapped doing something I didn’t like. The relief I felt throughout the application process alone was enough to check away every one of my concerns. I can only speak from my own experience, so this is what that looked like for me as an intern with Up In The Chair.  

True to what they advertise, this internship focuses on a global movement of uplifting others, as well as providing resources for emerging professionals to make their way into the world. My bachelor’s degree offers such a broad scope of career possibilities, which I’ve found to be both a blessing and a curse. In the long run, this is probably a blessing. But in the short term, as a young adult tumbling into the world post-covid, this feels like a curse providing me no direction. However, from the very beginning, Up In The Chair expressed the desire for their emerging professionals to assume many responsibilities, try a vast range of roles, and gain as much experience as they’re willing to explore. I am truly blown away by the way this company is focused on seeing us grow and succeed. Not only do they help us explore different areas of work they need done, but they also offer connections to other job fields if you find that this is not the field for you. Fortunately, I found this space to be suitable for myself–when people ask if I like my internship, I can genuinely tell them that it excites and fulfills me. 

This feeling started with the series of orientation sessions prior to our first week of work. We were able to meet the leaders and other interns, learn about team values and software, and all in a safe space for asking, sharing and feeling heard.  I felt comfort in seeing other people in similar life situations to myself, and was impressed by the cheerful energy shining from Devora, who was leading the meetings. From there we were given “accountabilibuddies”, which is a partnership that allows you to make connections, share responsibilities, and keep each other accountable for goals throughout the internship. I have met some great people through this process, and I am appreciative for the opportunity to build solid relationships with people despite this being a remote, virtual position. 

Going into a virtual position can be intimidating! I certainly felt that way initially. As a very socially-driven person, how could I find joy in an internship despite being so geographically removed from my coworkers? Would we keep to our designated zoom squares and not talk? Would we miss out on all those little in-person, between-task moments of bonding? Would I be able to connect with anyone deeper than talking about work responsibilities? These were all thoughts that bubbled in my brain, but what I found is that the people chosen for this internship are all quite driven, open and seeking to build relationships. After all, the company mission statement is to celebrate each and every individual, and to build an environment of uplifting others. It’s clear that this mission is reflected in the people working to see it happen. 

In fact, this internship being remote helps align it with its message of diversity and inclusion. We constantly have to coordinate meetings in consideration of the various time zones of our employees– because we truly stretch across the country and globe. How amazing it is to be part of a worldwide experience and to learn about people that have have been built off of incredibly different backgrounds. 

In addition to an inclusive environment, this experience also helps you gain professional communication skills. With multiple meetings throughout the week, we get chances to practice conversational skills, make phone calls, and contribute to presentations–and all with constructive feedback. As someone who has felt anxiety in the past towards overanalyzing my every move before putting myself out there, I’ve watched my confidence grow. I sincerely look forward to meetings and presentations because I love collaborating with people and feeling that I’m contributing to something bigger.  

I can attest that in the intern position, you’ll feel especially cared for. There is an amazing group of senior interns that work closely with us, and they are such an amazing resource. Having a constant stream of questions can be intimidating, but they welcome it. They set aside hours to be able to meet with us, openly address any and all questions, and they truly have an interest to help. They’ve been excellent models. I owe my ability to navigate ClickUp and Slack to them. Not to mention, with them being a little further along the same path, I feel so fortunate to have access to their advice. Through them, I’ve been able to work on my social media skills, such as scheduling and content creation, across various platforms. 

We are coached to be more productive adults, with a huge focus being inclusivity. We learn affirmative action. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the fear of doing something wrong, but here at Up In The Chair, we learn to put those fears aside and make mistakes with the intention of growth. In a space like this, you can expect to constantly be uplifted and recognized for the work you put in. We discuss our WHY, in hopes to understand ourselves better, and find what motivates us to best serve, best feel fulfilled, and be the most effective with our work. This expands not to just jobs, but in all spaces of life. 

That being said, I want to uplift Up In The Chair. For being my mentor, for being my friends, for being everything they said they’d be and more. I am so incredibly thankful for the route it has set me on and the experiences it has given me so far. Having experienced what I have, I’d encourage anyone interested to join this movement as well, and let Up In The Chair uplift you towards your own vibrant future.