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Intentional Mentorship

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diverse group of college age studnets

There are probably numerous moments in our lives where we’ve turned to someone we trust for advice and guidance. Maybe it was a family member, teacher, coach, or clergy. 

Mentorship is distinct in that a mentor is non-judgmental and without an agenda. The importance of mentors is undeniable. 

A mentor is defined as an experienced and trustworthy counselor who guides us through difficult situations. A mentor does not work on a daily basis to help a mentee make decisions, but they are always there to serve as someone who can offer us support, knowledge, and teaching over time. Mentors help clarify and shape your current situation and future opportunities.

At Up In The Chair, we believe in the power of mentorship as a means of empowering purpose-driven emerging professionals.

When it comes to education, students who have mentors can benefit fully. This is because mentors can provide thought partnership and encouragement through an undergraduate and graduate educational journey by providing knowledge and guidance. Mentors serve as friends for their mentees. Again, mentors can play a large role in supporting future or recent graduates to gain a valuable position within their workforce. They can always connect mentees with people in their network which can lead to new possibilities for their mentees. Mentors can become our faithful people for advice and support throughout difficult times. They are also here to celebrate our success, whether they are a big or a small achievement.

For students and professionals, it is beneficial to both be a mentor and have a mentor to navigate life’s big questions and decisions.

Workplace mentors are incredibly valuable. Mentoring helps employees/interns reach their highest potential; hence improving their personal and professional development in a supportive way. Employees grow and thrive and feel connected to their organization as a result of mentorship. Through mentorship, employees tend to be productive and do the right thing by revealing to senior employees when they need assistance. Mentoring is a key component to successfully integrating new employees during this important learning phase. 

A great mentorship program means there is an intentional and active approach to Uplifting another.