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Do what you love — and make a great living

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Growing up, we’re often told two platitudes: do what you love AND get a job to make a living. As we enter the working world, these goals seem somewhat at odds with one another – how am I supposed to love what I do when I’m doing it for around half of my waking hours? Doesn’t everyone get tired of something by then? Almost always but especially when you feel tied to your occupation to merely survive. 

There is a small exception… It is when we sense our purpose in the grander scheme of our toil. When we do what we love in a general sense, our tasks contribute to a goal that makes us tick. When we care about the big purpose, although our present task might not feel incredibly important, it will contribute to a greater motivation that gives our lives meaning. How do we do what we love? We’re never really told how. The secret lies in finding your purpose. 

It’s a big question, the answer depends on your evolving philosophy of life. If you believe that life is supposed to have meaning, then how do you know what will make you feel fulfilled? If you’re a bit more of a Nihilist and believe that life doesn’t have meaning, then why not fill your days with what gives you joy? 

As kids, we find joy in playing and imagining. But when we get older and enter the ‘real world’, playtime is over. Daydreams are distractions from reality and what needs to be done. 

At Up In the Chair, we believe that there are immense opportunities for moments of clarity in daydreams. Our imaginings of what is possible are not attached to the outcome, it’s an exploration. It’s not about assuming an outcome, it’s about holding space for our daydreams. Then, we see what’s resonant – what lights us up in our body and energizes our being. Do you know that feeling? Daydreams imagine the possibility. And when we start to question our daydreams and how they relate to our priorities, we can start to live into that dream. We are meant to play throughout our entire lives, to experience joy daily. And our dreams give us the keys to know how. 

Many will say that when you do what you love, you never feel like you work a day in your life. Of course, the reality is much more complicated than that. But here at Up In the Chair, we want to know that our work is purposeful. 

What are your thoughts? When are you most lit up? Do you love what you do?